Fashion: Baby Boy Bonnets

I am going on 25W or is it 26W I don't know anymore. :)  This time around we found out the gender and it's... a BOY, a little brother for Maddox. Since they are the same gender it's envitable that Baby #2 will get Maddox's hand-me-downs but I still feel the urge to get my new little bundle some speical things. One of them being a cute bonnet. My reasoning is that if he is like his big brother he will be born in the middles of August with little hair and it is will get chilly quickly and he will need his head covered.

I am searching for a netural coloured bonnet in a nice breathable cotton like the one picture above and another knitted one. Haven't decided if I will make the fabric one myself  or purchase one. I will definatley buy the knitted one. I have tried knitting and it's just not a skill I have mastered quite yet and don't see myself being able to before like baby 2.0 comes.  I have four month-ish to go so you never know I might just find one thrifting and/or adopt a grandma who can knit one for me. :)

Here is some I have found on made by

Briar Handmade
Briar Handmade

Misha & Puff

Misha & Puff

The 5 F's Fashion, Fun, Family, Food and Fitness May 1 to May 5

Hello Dolls,
Hope everyone had great week. The weather has been unfamiliar, so much rain but hopefully all those May flowers will be coming up soon.

Here is what stood out to me on the web this week.


Pearl Studs, personally I think this would be the perfect Mother's Day Gift for myself if I didn't already buy these shoes

Love this DIY Tutroial for 4 different types of cut off jeans.

Love these pants featured on Walk in Wonderland. If you look on Macy's website they are a lot longer I really like how she wore them higher on the calf, what do you think?


Love the idea of turning a kids picture of a make believe animal into a stuffy, such a great keepsake.


Great article about siblings and the sometimes complicated relationship  people struggle with, myself included. Made me stop and think my situation with my brother and how to accept some things and change others.

Some simple Montseorri activites to with Maddox while I am in the kitchen.


Ever heard of ranch water, me either but I want to try it post-preggers.

Fitness- I got nothing this week expect try and go outside and do something.


WasteLess Wednesday: Tip #1 Use Reusable Bags

I think by now we all know that waste is a problem in our lives, it's literally everywhere and so convenient I mean why bring a cup to the coffee shop when they give you a cup anyway? Or you had the intention of bringing a cup and forgot it but really still want that cup of coffee so why not, they have the cup and I will bring my reusable cup the next time. This type of monolgue goes through my head almost everyday. Which has brought me to realize that I don't like all the waste I produce and I need to do something about it.

So without further a do, welcome to my new series Waste-Less Wednesdays!! I would love to be Waste-Free but at the moment the task seems daunting. So let's keep it simple (for now) and 'Waste-Less'.

My personal goal is to significantly reduce my household waste by 2018.

How to measure: By the amount of garage and compost bags that go out each week (garbage every other week)

Here are some articles that I have inspired me

GOOP - great tips on how to be wasteless and if you can afford/justify it the blisshaus system is so beautiful

Reep Green -
When I was little their was only 3 R's now there is 5


Refuse and instead purchase items that can be borrowed, rented, and repaired.
Reduce waste by saying no to excessive packaging (i.e. gift wrap).
Reuse by passing items along to others who may need them (i.e. donating).
Recycle items to save their value (i.e. batteries).
Rot the rest (i.e. composting)

TIP #1: Use Reusable Bags

This is probably one of the biggest things people use and don't think about. Grocery stores now charge you...  wait for it $0.05 for one, It does make you pause and think about it but I still pay for them and wind having a bunch in your house. I hate it, you can barely reuse them now anyway because they are so thin so why have them in the house as extra crap you don't need? One less thing to feel guilty about.

But what will you use as a garbage liner now that you don't have any plastic bags?
Well based on the Goop article you really shouldn't need a 'liner' because if you are doing all the 5 R's then your garbage really shouldn't be anything wet so a liner isn't really necessary.

So I am Banning Plastic Bags from my house and you should do the same! :)


The F 5's Fashion, Family, Fitness, Food and Fun - Week of April 21-28 2017

Wilfred ADELIA DRESS | Aritzia
Photo Credit

After a hiatus I am bringing back the 5 F's. I wasn't sure if I wanted this as part of blog anymore but after a long, long thought I have decided I miss it and those 5 F's and it's helping me figure out my blog voice! :)

Maddox still does not sleep through the night so I have been reading this book trying to wrap my head around things and come to terms that he may not sleep through the night for awhile and I am enjoying our little time together at 2AM when he comes into our bed and snuggles in.
However, i am adamant he must start the night in his own bed and in that book it explains that kids find it easier to follow visual things more so than you just telling them what you are doing next showing them can make it easier for them to understand.
Here is my inspo for our bedtime routine chart

Fashion- I can't wear these Levi's yet but i am totally buying them for next spring/summer.

I just got a table/toy storage ikea unit in the hallway I have been trying to figure out how to style it, then I saw this picture and knew what it was missing!!!

I need this dress (pictured at the top of post) as well, for next year... LOL


I am obsessed with these little yoga how to cards, if you follow me on pinterest you can tell... as well as I think I have pinned about 10 this week. I love how much they explain the pose which helps me visulaize all the things you need to do a pose correctly. All of these 'asanas of week' can be found on this tumblr page.

I have been doing a flow of Warrior I, II and III, high lunge, child's pose, low squat and dolphin. I practice for about 15 minutes in the morning and i can't believe how good I feel and it's a great way to start the day.


Trying to figure out how to make the best overnight oats and this post I found the proper ratio should be 1:1 for rolled oats, I tried 1:3 with steel cut oats and I don't think much as happened as the jar is in the back of my fridge and there is a lot of liquid and little oats so I don't think steel cut is the best option for overnight oats....

I love love love Chia pudding!! and I know this ration off by heart, it is one 13-ish oz of coconut milk to 1/4 cup Chia seeds, a dash of vanilla and/or maple syrup put in the fridge overnight. top with berries in the morning and volia the perfect addition to my morning breakfast. I want to try and layer the Chia seeds with the overnight oats and also add some different ingredients to change it up a bit.

I eat 2 eggs every morning with toast but, I am looking for some extra fat and a way to add refried beans in my life because I love them and I'm pregnant, enough said. :) Going to try a take on this recipe for next week with some variations.

The Virgin Cure by [McKay, Ami]

Fun: Reading the second book by Ami McKay 'The Virgin Cure' and it is just as good as her first book 'The Birth House', I just love to go back in time with her.


Spring/Summer 2017: The Apron Dress

Mothers Day Weekend Notes

The end of summer last yer I saw the above image on Mother Mag and since, I have longed for a dress just like. I love that the front is quite typical  but then you turn around and  the whole back is being exposed in this sexy not super sexy way. Here is some more inspiration.

sunroomaustin.com | Black Traveling Pinafore Dress - Electric Feathers:
Photo Credit 

Donna Karan | LBV ♥✤ Grey layered maxi with a dipped hem and crossover back detail:
Photo Credit

UrbanOutfitters.com: Awesome stuff for you & your space:

Butterick 6610 Misses Dress Pattern - Dress, below mid-knee or below mid-calf, has close-fitting bodice with straps (criss-cross in back), inset:

vintage 1940s blue striped seersucker pinafore dress - Click Image to Close:

Have I inspired you? Would you wear this dress? Let me know your thoughts.

My Second Naturopath Appointment

If you haven't read my first post here it is.

So it has been three weeks since my first visit and I am feeling.... better-ish. I mean I am in my second trimester now so that is a factor, I have been eating a little better and getting a bit more sleep.  I don't feel amazing but do feel better-ish.  I think that is what stops people from going to the Naurotpath, there is no quick fix to feeling better, it a process and you have to actually do stuff, not just take a pill and hope for the best. :). I am open to than and know that I need to focus on the process rather than trying to change everything and burning out. I am thinking about this process as meeting with someone regularly who is making me accountable for my actions and I think it's working or going to.

Did I do everything my Dr. told me to do in my last post? Nope. Did I do some? For sure.

Here is a summary;

I took my supplements/vitamins regularly and I must say my poops are a lot better but on days where I don't drink enough water it's still a problem but, a problem that I know how to fix. I don't know what it is about water but pre-preggers I would chug 1L as soon as I got up. Now preggers, I can't even get half down without feeling nauseous. So I just have to try and drink small amounts throughout the day which is a struggle but one I am working on.... Now that I am writing about this I should stop and take a small chug.

Have I been eating better? Not all the time but I have def. changed my perspective and have been thinking about it more. I haven't had french fries in like two weeks and I am still functioning

Typical breakfast is avocado toast and then I make a protein smoothie to bring to work and drink it around 10 am which holds me till lunch. Lunch is scattered usually leftovers or I go out for Burrito. Dinner is always a meat with veg however week ends can be a bit scattered as well. So my diet is summed up right now as 'scattered'. LOL

I told my doctor this and she suggested for each meal think of your protein source first for every meal before the carb. This has shifted how I am thinking about my meals. trying to eat eggs in the morning even though they don't make me feel the greatest. Just thinking i could saute some beans and veggies to put on my toast in the morning for more protein.

Exercise, I haven't done much, such a struggle but i mean she is asking me to do 20 min. a day, you think I could find the time. I have to find the time, I mean I have an hour lunch I should just workout then. I just ordered this prenatal yoga DVD from Amazon as well so hopefully I can do that a couple times a week.

All my blood work came back fine expect B12 was low which is typical for this time of year so I bought a bottle to help boost my count.

My supplements are okay for now but will probably need some next visit.

I am really going to try to workout more to eat better and drink more water, damn it, that's a lot of things to do. Water this week and workout at least 2 a week and think of protein first then carb.

Maybe I need to do a weekly journal.......


Pregnancy: My First Naturopath Appt

I think all woman agree, no matter what, the first trimester is the hardest.

The things that are bothering me right now are;

- I feel like crap but you can't tell anyone or you aren't ready to tell anyone yet
- I am so tired, I am literally a zombie 4-6 days a week
- The only things appetizing is anything and everything that is a carbohydrate (the devil)
- Vegetables are gross
- Chicken, especially raw is unbearable to smell, look at, or eat
- Constipation to the max. I mean I have always had poop problems but, it's amplified when i am     pregnant

This time is especially grueling. Right now, I can't even go grocery shopping without feeling like I have to puke. It's terrible.

However I am near the end of the first trimester and that is usually when the crappness stops and the belly begins....

This time around  I decided I wanted to slowly work with a Naturopath to make this preganany alittle bit easier on my body. My last pregnancy was great but, I don't think I made the best food choices or took care of myself enough. I am hoping that meeting with someone on regular basis and being accountable might make me stay 'on track'.

 My first appt was on Monday and this is what was prescribed to me;

Eat a plant based diet-
More specifically, to ensure a stable blood flow each meal should have a complex carb, protein and healthy fat

Excercise for 20 min a day-
walking, weight at home or gym, yoga

Get Better Sleep
I love, LOVE to fall asleep to TV it's my time to relax. apparently it's the devil though I need to start trying to fall asleep without it

                     Basic Prenatal 3X a day
                     Prenatal DHA 3X a day
                     HMF Maternity Probiotic 1X a day
                     Vitamin D3 drops 2000 IU/ Day (two drops)

Drink at least 2L of water a day: I was really good at this pre-pregnancy and while pregnant with Maddox but, for some reason right now water is hard to swallow.... Ridiculous I know

Doesn't sound too hard does it???? To be continued :)