Gift Guide: Kitchen

  1. Great Jones Holy Sheet Great to look at it, any pop of color in the kitchen is so fun, made in the USA with no bad chemicals and easy clean up
  2. Lunar Tea Towels Handmade, beautiful addition to any kitchen as the Natural Cotton softens up any space, would be nice to look at when it's hanging to dry.
  3. Bio Degradeable Cloths made from wood pulp and cotton, used on multiple surfaces in bathroom and kitchen. Claims it has a 'No Dish Cloth' smell and lasts for 6-12 months or 200 wash cycles.
  4. Cheese Vault To store fancy cheese and use less saran wrap #winwin
  5. Frying Pan  Perfect family size pan. It's non stick surface is non toxic. The pan is oven safe, and would look nice on my stovetop. :)
  6. Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate Such an interesting piece if anything just buy for it conversation starter! It can grate garlic, ginger, nutmeg, hard cheeses, handmade in Portland, Oregon, comes in a variety of colours (I am partial to white), won’t wear down over time. Sounds too good to be true so I gotta have it!
  7. The most pinned frying pan, ever  I swear this in on every blog gift guide this season and with good reason. It looks nice, replaces 8 traditional pieces of cookware (space saving) and is produced by a small company. 
  8. Dutch Oven Just bought this a couple months ago and I love it, I use it weekly. 
  9. Wooden Cleaning Tools  Time to get rid of the mis matched tools from the dollar store and upgrade to these! 
  10. Salt Cellar my husband and I are not salt dashers rather salt splashers!  We already have a small bowl vessel to hold our salt but I like this one better!


10 Pin's November 18, 2020

  Me and my new Vintage Vanity! Oh and a pile of
stuff all over my bed! LOL 

1. This special box spring cover gives me an idea for a DIY. Can't you just use a regular fitted sheet and have the same effect? We will see.

2. I have been eyeing this Athena NAP DRESS forever but for some reason can't press 'buy' I think it's because it's a little short for me. I emailed the company asking if they will be creating a longer version or if they could commission one for me and they responded stating a longer version is in the works and if I sign up to their mailing group I will get a message when it is ready to purchase. I really like this one as well. 

3. Might try these Face Yoga exercises for my coined #selfcaresunday. 

4. Since the protests in the states have been on the news about equality I have been thinking a lot about Canada's Indigenous people and how it effects us, Jillian Harris' felt the same way and has had a guest writer writing about the some topics, I found the native land website and decolonize first workbook where I want to start to uncover more. 

5. Getting a new walk-in closet this week and I really think I need one of these instead of constantly having to pull out the iron. 

6. I love this pillow BABE CAVE  and YOU ARE A PAGE TURNER bookmark. Either I need to buy them or DIY them.

7. Want to try all these hairstyles, even the baby pigtails, might not leave the house if I do though.

8. Would love a couple set of these to keep stuff off the floor in the mini-van. 

9. Finally found a vintage vanity with a round mirror (pictured above). Currently it is just stained, but this vanity is making me want to paint it, not sure yet though, it needs to be lived in for a bit :).

10. Need to order this crop top ASAP. 


10 Pin's - November 6, 2020

Pins that I saved this week and why


1. Peony Care and how to transplant them, I have two peonies in my front garden that I want to move to the back. These tips will hopefully help me move them without killing them

2. Non- Alcholic Sangria - Sometimes you just want a fancy drink with no booze. This drink sounds so good with or without booze. 

3. I have read recently that pickles and other 'pickled' veggies on a shelf in the grocery store are not actually 'fermented', just put in vinegar. This mean no real healthy gut benefits. The fermented ones are found organic refrigerated section  and say 'fermented'. I found some in the organic refriderated section. I picked up pickles and sauerkraut this week. I am trying to eat something fermented everyday to keep my immune system up for the winter. This post talks about some fermented options found in the grocery store.

4. How to grow garlic- I am obessed with garlic, different types and it must be grown in Canada. Last year I made my own garlic in a jar (link to recipe). It was awesome to not have to peel, cut and press garlic every time I needed it. Anyway, I want to grow my own garlic and the time to plant it is in the fall. If you want to do the same, the garlic should come from the market because supermarket garlic may be sprayed to prevent sprouting. 

5. Sexually Woke: Awaken the Secrets to Our Best Sex Lives in Midlife and Beyond, . I read an article on glitterguide about this book and it sounds interesting..... 

6. Can finally eat soy again! Has anyone else been scared to eat soy because it had too much estrongen? Well some science gal at goop says otherwise and I am quite happy about it. 

7. I love the new #sunglasschain trend, this post is inspiring me to make my own and maybe some for friends?? Could use it for your face mask as well.

8. Really want this face mask for my  older son in the winter because #scarfssuck when your a young boy going to school. However Carhartt only has them in adult. 

9. Whenever I replace my bathroom mirror from #basic #buildergrade to #amazing, it WILL have a ledge  (above picture) to put everyday items on it. 

10. Used this recipe as a base for a dip I made, added, artichoke, extra red pepper,  feta cheese and sour cream, it was great. :)


My Mother's Day 2020

Ah Mother's Day, the day of rest, the day of love, the day where you get to go the spa by your self. But, not this year. Made the best of it though. 
Here is how I spent my Mother's Day

1. My Daily Coffee in Bed with Homemade Carrot Cake because pancakes are too messy. :)
    One Nepresso pod
    Splash of MCT Oil
    Some unsweetened almond milk, refrigerated 
    Spoonful of collagen
    Combine all in mug and transfer to Ninja Cup, blender for a couple seconds and pour back into mug.

2.    Mimosa- Pour into Champagne Flute
        1/2 Champagne
        1/4 Orange Juice
        1/4 Cranberry Juice

3.    Face time Mother and MIL

4.    Have a long bath with Epsom salt

5.    Go for a nature walk

7.    Go outside and watch kids hit pinata I made for fun.

8.     Make homemade bread for a delicious Tuna Melt


Everything Pink and Glitter's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

After all the home schooling sessions, extra dishes and whining over everything  we mother's deserve a little something special, don't you think? These are all wonderful gifts, some inexpensive some not. Nothing crazy, because we can't spend too much on ourselves, we don't need anything else to feel guilty about. ;)

1. Carbon Filter Water Decanter - Because I drink a lot of water and my current Brita Decanter just    isn't cutting it
2. Mama Tired Patch - #Truth
3. Smile Rainbow Planter So cute and makes me smile
4. Slip-on Sneakers For quick on and off while chasing my boys all summer
5. Mama Tie-dye sweatshirt Tie-Dye + Mama = LOVE
6. Cheeky Boob Planter Because I am a little Cheeky
7. Mother's Day Beauty Blooms Giftset This is on everyone's blog because it's a good and price and  has the most amazing products to try.

Happy Mother's Day