HOME BIRTH : Top Things People Ask Me About my Home Birth

Me @ Home,  Labouring on exercise ball
As home birth is becoming more and more accepted/researched, to get a more personal perspective I thought I would share some answers to the most frequent questions I get about my home birth.  Here they are;

  1. Are you a crazy hippie? No- I am a realist who values experiences and I wanted my ‘birth’ to be memorable, I wanted to be present. With lots of my own research and following my 'gut' I got both of those things by having a home birth. I wasn't against going to the hospital I just didn't think it was necessary. (more about that in another post)
  2. You must have a crazy pain tolerance? No – It’s normal, if anything, less than normal. I would consider myself a ‘baby’ when it comes to pain. I was intimidated by that before  going into labour, I just kept telling myself  that I could do this, my body is meant to do this. I was realisic when it came to birth. It was unknown to me so, I wasn't sure what it was going to be like. I did know, I didn’t want to take drugs but, it didn’t mean I was ruling them out completely. I did know that I didn't really want to go to the hospital but, I think it helped to know that I could go the hospital if I had to.
  3. What about the mess? News Flash, not everything on TV is reality. At least not in my case, I gave birth to Maddox on my hands and knees and by the time a turned over, the mess was gone. You do the prep work which is minimal and the midwives/husband and best friend deal with the rest.
  4. So you gave birth in a TUB? No I did not, I mean I could of but, wasn’t necessary. In most cases, you have to rent a tub because normal tubs are usually against a wall which doesn’t give the MW enough points of access to help you when delivering. I don’t think the cost of the tub was all that much but the work of filling it up and making sure the temperature was correct and so on made me not want to do it, it just seemed like more work on me and/or my husband and who needs more stress in a time like birth?!? LOL. I did labour in my tub, (lied there and tried to relax) but I did not give birth in my tub.
  5. Weren’t you scared? Yes and No, I liked to use the word ‘anxious’ not scared. I was anxious about the unknown like most people you don’t know and that is what makes people nervous. Was I worried about something going wrong? No I was with my Midwife since 8 weeks so she knew how I was and if she was worried about anything she would have addressed it and we talked about everything I was worried about,  so that is why my plan was to not have a plan. Meaning if things were going wrong I wasn’t against going to the hospital because that is what they are for but if things were good then I liked the idea of being at home.
  6. Was your Husband a Wreck? No we both talked about our plan to be prepared for anything and I think because I wasn’t a wreck, he wasn't. I felt that if I was crazy then that energy would travel to him but, I didn’t so he didn’t :).   My husband was a great help and afterward he said I did so amazing, he thought I was going to swear a lot more and be nuts but I pleasantly surprised him.
  7. Was it Sterile? I don't know... as much as a house can be.  My friend who works in a hospital and tole me  if you think about your home is going to have a lot less germs in it than a hospital would have with all different types of sick people coming in and out. As well Midwives go to school as long as doctor I think they know what needs to be done to have things prepared for the job. Again I had been seeing my Midwife since 8 weeks I trusted her. Also I am not a control freak so it worked out well.
So based if  you agree or disagree with my answers maybe a home birth is right for you or maybe not.  I am open to any other questions anyone would like to ask, just leave a comment and I will respond!

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