10 Pin's - November 6, 2020

Pins that I saved this week and why


1. Peony Care and how to transplant them, I have two peonies in my front garden that I want to move to the back. These tips will hopefully help me move them without killing them

2. Non- Alcholic Sangria - Sometimes you just want a fancy drink with no booze. This drink sounds so good with or without booze. 

3. I have read recently that pickles and other 'pickled' veggies on a shelf in the grocery store are not actually 'fermented', just put in vinegar. This mean no real healthy gut benefits. The fermented ones are found organic refrigerated section  and say 'fermented'. I found some in the organic refriderated section. I picked up pickles and sauerkraut this week. I am trying to eat something fermented everyday to keep my immune system up for the winter. This post talks about some fermented options found in the grocery store.

4. How to grow garlic- I am obessed with garlic, different types and it must be grown in Canada. Last year I made my own garlic in a jar (link to recipe). It was awesome to not have to peel, cut and press garlic every time I needed it. Anyway, I want to grow my own garlic and the time to plant it is in the fall. If you want to do the same, the garlic should come from the market because supermarket garlic may be sprayed to prevent sprouting. 

5. Sexually Woke: Awaken the Secrets to Our Best Sex Lives in Midlife and Beyond, . I read an article on glitterguide about this book and it sounds interesting..... 

6. Can finally eat soy again! Has anyone else been scared to eat soy because it had too much estrongen? Well some science gal at goop says otherwise and I am quite happy about it. 

7. I love the new #sunglasschain trend, this post is inspiring me to make my own and maybe some for friends?? Could use it for your face mask as well.

8. Really want this face mask for my  older son in the winter because #scarfssuck when your a young boy going to school. However Carhartt only has them in adult. 

9. Whenever I replace my bathroom mirror from #basic #buildergrade to #amazing, it WILL have a ledge  (above picture) to put everyday items on it. 

10. Used this recipe as a base for a dip I made, added, artichoke, extra red pepper,  feta cheese and sour cream, it was great. :)

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