10 Pin's November 18, 2020

  Me and my new Vintage Vanity! Oh and a pile of
stuff all over my bed! LOL 

1. This special box spring cover gives me an idea for a DIY. Can't you just use a regular fitted sheet and have the same effect? We will see.

2. I have been eyeing this Athena NAP DRESS forever but for some reason can't press 'buy' I think it's because it's a little short for me. I emailed the company asking if they will be creating a longer version or if they could commission one for me and they responded stating a longer version is in the works and if I sign up to their mailing group I will get a message when it is ready to purchase. I really like this one as well. 

3. Might try these Face Yoga exercises for my coined #selfcaresunday. 

4. Since the protests in the states have been on the news about equality I have been thinking a lot about Canada's Indigenous people and how it effects us, Jillian Harris' felt the same way and has had a guest writer writing about the some topics, I found the native land website and decolonize first workbook where I want to start to uncover more. 

5. Getting a new walk-in closet this week and I really think I need one of these instead of constantly having to pull out the iron. 

6. I love this pillow BABE CAVE  and YOU ARE A PAGE TURNER bookmark. Either I need to buy them or DIY them.

7. Want to try all these hairstyles, even the baby pigtails, might not leave the house if I do though.

8. Would love a couple set of these to keep stuff off the floor in the mini-van. 

9. Finally found a vintage vanity with a round mirror (pictured above). Currently it is just stained, but this vanity is making me want to paint it, not sure yet though, it needs to be lived in for a bit :).

10. Need to order this crop top ASAP. 

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