My Mother's Day 2020

Ah Mother's Day, the day of rest, the day of love, the day where you get to go the spa by your self. But, not this year. Made the best of it though. 
Here is how I spent my Mother's Day

1. My Daily Coffee in Bed with Homemade Carrot Cake because pancakes are too messy. :)
    One Nepresso pod
    Splash of MCT Oil
    Some unsweetened almond milk, refrigerated 
    Spoonful of collagen
    Combine all in mug and transfer to Ninja Cup, blender for a couple seconds and pour back into mug.

2.    Mimosa- Pour into Champagne Flute
        1/2 Champagne
        1/4 Orange Juice
        1/4 Cranberry Juice

3.    Face time Mother and MIL

4.    Have a long bath with Epsom salt

5.    Go for a nature walk

7.    Go outside and watch kids hit pinata I made for fun.

8.     Make homemade bread for a delicious Tuna Melt

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