Everything Pink and Glitter's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

After all the home schooling sessions, extra dishes and whining over everything  we mother's deserve a little something special, don't you think? These are all wonderful gifts, some inexpensive some not. Nothing crazy, because we can't spend too much on ourselves, we don't need anything else to feel guilty about. ;)

1. Carbon Filter Water Decanter - Because I drink a lot of water and my current Brita Decanter just    isn't cutting it
2. Mama Tired Patch - #Truth
3. Smile Rainbow Planter So cute and makes me smile
4. Slip-on Sneakers For quick on and off while chasing my boys all summer
5. Mama Tie-dye sweatshirt Tie-Dye + Mama = LOVE
6. Cheeky Boob Planter Because I am a little Cheeky
7. Mother's Day Beauty Blooms Giftset This is on everyone's blog because it's a good and price and  has the most amazing products to try.

Happy Mother's Day


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