The 5 F's Fashion, Fun, Family, Food and Fitness May 1 to May 5

Hello Dolls,
Hope everyone had great week. The weather has been unfamiliar, so much rain but hopefully all those May flowers will be coming up soon.

Here is what stood out to me on the web this week.


Pearl Studs, personally I think this would be the perfect Mother's Day Gift for myself if I didn't already buy these shoes

Love this DIY Tutroial for 4 different types of cut off jeans.

Love these pants featured on Walk in Wonderland. If you look on Macy's website they are a lot longer I really like how she wore them higher on the calf, what do you think?


Love the idea of turning a kids picture of a make believe animal into a stuffy, such a great keepsake.


Great article about siblings and the sometimes complicated relationship  people struggle with, myself included. Made me stop and think my situation with my brother and how to accept some things and change others.

Some simple Montseorri activites to with Maddox while I am in the kitchen.


Ever heard of ranch water, me either but I want to try it post-preggers.

Fitness- I got nothing this week expect try and go outside and do something.

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