WasteLess Wednesday: Tip #1 Use Reusable Bags

I think by now we all know that waste is a problem in our lives, it's literally everywhere and so convenient I mean why bring a cup to the coffee shop when they give you a cup anyway? Or you had the intention of bringing a cup and forgot it but really still want that cup of coffee so why not, they have the cup and I will bring my reusable cup the next time. This type of monolgue goes through my head almost everyday. Which has brought me to realize that I don't like all the waste I produce and I need to do something about it.

So without further a do, welcome to my new series Waste-Less Wednesdays!! I would love to be Waste-Free but at the moment the task seems daunting. So let's keep it simple (for now) and 'Waste-Less'.

My personal goal is to significantly reduce my household waste by 2018.

How to measure: By the amount of garage and compost bags that go out each week (garbage every other week)

Here are some articles that I have inspired me

GOOP - great tips on how to be wasteless and if you can afford/justify it the blisshaus system is so beautiful

Reep Green -
When I was little their was only 3 R's now there is 5


Refuse and instead purchase items that can be borrowed, rented, and repaired.
Reduce waste by saying no to excessive packaging (i.e. gift wrap).
Reuse by passing items along to others who may need them (i.e. donating).
Recycle items to save their value (i.e. batteries).
Rot the rest (i.e. composting)

TIP #1: Use Reusable Bags

This is probably one of the biggest things people use and don't think about. Grocery stores now charge you...  wait for it $0.05 for one, It does make you pause and think about it but I still pay for them and wind having a bunch in your house. I hate it, you can barely reuse them now anyway because they are so thin so why have them in the house as extra crap you don't need? One less thing to feel guilty about.

But what will you use as a garbage liner now that you don't have any plastic bags?
Well based on the Goop article you really shouldn't need a 'liner' because if you are doing all the 5 R's then your garbage really shouldn't be anything wet so a liner isn't really necessary.

So I am Banning Plastic Bags from my house and you should do the same! :)

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