The F 5's Fashion, Family, Fitness, Food and Fun - Week of April 21-28 2017

Wilfred ADELIA DRESS | Aritzia
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After a hiatus I am bringing back the 5 F's. I wasn't sure if I wanted this as part of blog anymore but after a long, long thought I have decided I miss it and those 5 F's and it's helping me figure out my blog voice! :)

Maddox still does not sleep through the night so I have been reading this book trying to wrap my head around things and come to terms that he may not sleep through the night for awhile and I am enjoying our little time together at 2AM when he comes into our bed and snuggles in.
However, i am adamant he must start the night in his own bed and in that book it explains that kids find it easier to follow visual things more so than you just telling them what you are doing next showing them can make it easier for them to understand.
Here is my inspo for our bedtime routine chart

Fashion- I can't wear these Levi's yet but i am totally buying them for next spring/summer.

I just got a table/toy storage ikea unit in the hallway I have been trying to figure out how to style it, then I saw this picture and knew what it was missing!!!

I need this dress (pictured at the top of post) as well, for next year... LOL


I am obsessed with these little yoga how to cards, if you follow me on pinterest you can tell... as well as I think I have pinned about 10 this week. I love how much they explain the pose which helps me visulaize all the things you need to do a pose correctly. All of these 'asanas of week' can be found on this tumblr page.

I have been doing a flow of Warrior I, II and III, high lunge, child's pose, low squat and dolphin. I practice for about 15 minutes in the morning and i can't believe how good I feel and it's a great way to start the day.


Trying to figure out how to make the best overnight oats and this post I found the proper ratio should be 1:1 for rolled oats, I tried 1:3 with steel cut oats and I don't think much as happened as the jar is in the back of my fridge and there is a lot of liquid and little oats so I don't think steel cut is the best option for overnight oats....

I love love love Chia pudding!! and I know this ration off by heart, it is one 13-ish oz of coconut milk to 1/4 cup Chia seeds, a dash of vanilla and/or maple syrup put in the fridge overnight. top with berries in the morning and volia the perfect addition to my morning breakfast. I want to try and layer the Chia seeds with the overnight oats and also add some different ingredients to change it up a bit.

I eat 2 eggs every morning with toast but, I am looking for some extra fat and a way to add refried beans in my life because I love them and I'm pregnant, enough said. :) Going to try a take on this recipe for next week with some variations.

The Virgin Cure by [McKay, Ami]

Fun: Reading the second book by Ami McKay 'The Virgin Cure' and it is just as good as her first book 'The Birth House', I just love to go back in time with her.

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