The 5 F's -Fashion, Fun, Food, Family and Fitness Oct 15-21

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing track pants.


  1. Trying to make my living room cozier and using this post as my guide.
  2. Love this loungewear post those pants are amazing! 
  3. I am Telling my Stylist that I want my hair to look like SJP's after I leave... please? :)


  1. I have a bar cart but not sure what to do with it or what I need. This little gem breaks down the basics of what you need and why. I still need a drink making book and different variety of glasses. 
  2. Thinking about doing something like this for Xmas for the grandparents. 
  3. Not sure why but hanging drying herbs like below makes me happy. I don't why but I going to think about it more and get back to you.
  4. Need to start watching these movies now to get into Halloween.

Photo Credit: http://www.designsponge.com/ Here is the link to the post 

Food -

  1. Paleo and Kids? Good article, hubby and I are trying to be more aware of food and how it effects us but I always worry about how to include/involve my toddler to eat this lifestyle as well. This article talks about the Pros and Cons
  2. Chickpea whipped cream??? Who knew

Family -

  1. Would love to have my child's stuff set up like this house. 
  2. Home Birth VS Hospital Birth? My post about the most frequent questions I get asked about my experience.

Fitness -

  1. Must start doing these three streches to improve my posture. 
  2. What vitamins should you take together, this post gives the details.

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