The 5 F's -Fashion, Fun, Food, Family and Fitness Oct 8-14

Me, dressed up for Oktoberfest!

Well it's Tuesday not Friday but oh well.
I was too busy Oktoberfesting to be blogging anyway. :) If you are ever in Kitchener, Ontario you must Oktoberfest. It's the best annual party of the year. The second biggest one, Munich being the first. Back in the day it was a time to celebrate the fall harvest and be thankful for it all, it's changed a bit since the old days but it is still one of the best times of the year and almost everyone who lives here looks forward to the 2 week event.. It started last week, the first Saturday of October, clubs and legions from all over the city open their doors to the public, serve beer, schnitzel, sausage, sauerkraut and strusdel to all paying patrons. You can choose to go in jeans and nice shirt or dirndl or lederhosen. There is always hats and special pins to buy each year. Anyway I always find time to surf the web for some great content.

Fashion - I love this outfit from SJP the mix of stripes in the shirt and then the skirt with heels. Defnialey how I like to style my outfits. Also there is 1,800+ waiting list for this bag. I am waiting out right now but I pretty much need it for next Summer 2017.
Fun - Love this shirt and how they changed Sunshine to Sonshine, thinking about getting one for the babe.
Food - Squash anyone? It's that time of year where they are everywhere. Growing up I never really ate squash but in the past five years I have grown to love it. Butternut for Soups and Spagetti or a sub on noodles. I don't really eat alot of it just roasted but I am going to try this receipe.
Family - I am starting to post stories around birth and here is the first one about home birth and what people ask me about it.
Fitness - A great article about the new four body shapes it's so interesting how our hormones play such a big part in how our bodies function. People forget about them but they are a slient calptuit of a lot of aligments. Ever heard of Sakara Life? Well it

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