FAMILY: Our Winterizing Checklist

Fall Gardening Tips:

This week end we are staying in and getting stuff down around the house! My goal is start tonight and have it all done come Sunday.

Here is our list;

  1. Drain and store hose, turn off water supply to outside
  2. Cut back hydrogen and peony if needed
  3. Put all lawn furniture away
  4. Cover Air Conditioners
  5. Rake leaves and put in front garden bed
  6. Trim back cedars in backyard
  7. Put gardening tools in mezzanine
  8. Organize mezzanine and place all Xmas stuff in front easy access for Nov.
  9. Change mats in Car
  10. Organize garage so car can fit for winter
  11. Buy and replace light bulbs
  12. Clean window tracks
  13. Stock up on some batteries
  14. Emergency kit for car
  15. Check gutters for debris
  16. Plant garlic and flowers
  17. Buy a rake (terrible I know)

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