The 5 F's -Fashion, Fun, Food, Family and Fitness Sept 25-30

The Cutest Little Ham! - Maddox at Snyder's Farm this past week end.

Hello and Happy Fri-YAY. Hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to the week end.
We are celebrating Thanksgiving this week end with my parents, brother and his family because all of us are going away actual Thanksgiving. We will be visiting Jay's Parents in Midland, I can't wait to go for a walk/hike and look at all the pretty leaves that have changed colour. However, next week marks the first week of Oktoberbest in KW and I want to be back on Monday for the Parade!!! Maddox will love it.

This is what stood out to me this week in my world...

Fashion - I wore this outfit last Friday for my friends b-day. I love the mix of the feminine blush skirt and olive green utility jacket. A side not, this is the most put together outfit I have had on in awhile so needed to be documented.

Thinking about getting a haircut with very deep bangs like this picture. However, there is not one person I know who doesn't regret bangs Every. Single. Time. so we will see.

Lastly, I love love this wallpaper Jillian Harris put up on the most recent episode of Love it or List it Vancouver and thinking about putting it in my bathroom over my bathtub as I wait for my mom to give me the antique mirror she promised me. She just has to find a replacement, it's been a year so not sure how much she really wants to let it go.

Fun - I love this Fall Bouquet I made from wild flowers I found on my walk.
Food - This Maple Apple Pie will be made in the near future. It has Maple Syrup init need I say more?

Family - The picture of Maddox is the sweetest and we had so much fun at the Farm. That's all I got this week. It's not my family but the pictures of the Royal Family are just too cute!! They show love in these pictures so I am counting it as family this week. :) I will be putting Maddox in shorts and long socks come Spring 2017, and ain't nobody gonna stop me!!!

Fitness - This week Gwyneth Paltrow Health Guy gave an interview about eating mostly plant based food is the best. Yes I know we all know that but, he also admitted his love for ice cream that he eats on occasion and regrets right after but, still does it. Moral of the Story? This guy is somewhat normal which makes him easier to listen to what he has to say. And I mean if Gwen listens we all can to, right?

Have a lovely week end everyone.

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