5 October Goals

Each month I like to feel as though I am starting out fresh. It's the perfect time to reflect on the past month and make some future goals for the next.

These are my goals for October;

1.     Buy Only One Special Clothing Item – No shopping last month was really empowering, it made me feel more present. I love to window shop and look online but I am only going to pick one special item and that is it. What is it gonna be? Spoiler Alert, I will post it sometime this month. 

2.     Spend Less on Food by eating more at home- This includes groceries and restaurants. I reviewed our credit card bill last week and we (I) spend a lot of money on food and don’t even know it…. It all adds up.
Here are some recipes I want to try this month, Cheesy Butternut Squash Pasta and Slow Cooker Chickn Fajita Soup

3.     No buying things for the house. Again, that credit card bill has a lot of MISC charges and I must be honest with myself they are more things I don’t really need. I already have a lot of things/projects for the house that I can do before I bring anything else in.
Currently I am working on some new pillow covers for the living room, here is the tutorial for some quick covers. Hopefully I will finish my living room Fall Makeover for the beginning of October.

4.     Go to the Gym 3x a week. I am very lucky because I have an hour lunch and I picked a gym that is really close to work so I can go on my lunch so I hope to spend a lot of time there to get my $$'s worth. If I don't though I have a yoga a pilates videos I can do. Just got this Yoga DVD from Amazon. I am old school and love Rodney Yee. I can't do the YouTube Videos, yet. I am open to it but everytime I do I just get frazzled and spend more time on finding a video I want and then don't workout.

5.     Spend at least one night a week with Hubby after Baby is asleep. Either to watch a show together or do a yoga video, something. We have not been doing much together, just the two of us lately and I am beginning to feel a little disconnected.
The shows we currently love are; Orphan Black, Stranger Things and Narcos Season Two started last month!!!!

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