Wear everything in my Closet Challenge - Summer Edition

The last month of summer, well kind of... It felt 'fitting' to wear all my summer clothes in preparation for getting out my fall clothes. The rules were to wear everything I could and if I didn't wear it to seriously evaluate if I need it at all. As well, to not buy any more summer clothes, no impulse buying...Must. avoid. all. amazing. sales. on. right. now... everywhere.

Since my son Maddox arrived and turning 30, I feel more inclined to define my style and to only have things I love in my life/house. Really see what looks best on me, no more buying something hoping it will fit one day, no more thinking the trend looks good on my classic pear shape, when really it doesn't. I just want less visual noise in my life and especially my closet.

I hope this challenge makes me more aware of what is in my closet and decreases my impulse shopping addiction.

The month is almost over and this is what I have discovered;

I am over floral vintage dresses-
Either the dresses I have are more for spring or I have been wearing them for far too long. However, like every vintage item I own, they are treasures and very hard to part with. I am debating about consigning them but, waiting until spring to see if they 'spark any joy' after being stored away for 6 months.

I need a pair of grown-up pants-
I have two pairs of Levi Hi wasited Skinny jeans that I love, and 1 pair of Gap black jeans mid rise skinnys that I also love. I wear all three ALL THE TIME.  I am sick of wearing jeans I feel too young or unprofessional or something I don't know. My work place office is casual but, I don't want to be that causal anymore. Dress for the job you want not the job you have, right? I am set out to find a couple pairs of 'trousers' (such a grown up word) this fall. Looking for one pair of black, maroon and tan. Not sure where to even look because I have never bought a pair of trousers before. LOL I want good quality, mid range price. I will keep you posted

I need more blouses.
I tried liking blouses a few years back, I bought low quality nylon polyster brands and hated wearing them. I sweat so much more and they feel so uncomfortable against my skin, almost scratchy. Recently inspired by a co-worker, I have discovered cotton blouses, yes you have to iron them but, they look so nice on and feel so much better than those other materials. I really like the styles from Banana Republic, J. Crew, Club Monaco, Gap. Check them out and let me know what you think.

I need a pair of new brown boots, and two pairs pumps in nude and black 
You can have all the right clothes but without the right accessories your outfit can look flat or not put together.  The accessory I most need is shoes, I have a bunch of sandals for summer because sandals are usually cheaper than booties, boots or even shoes so I have quite a collection but no fall shoes. I defnetily need a new pair of brown booties, and the pumps I choose might be a little more trendy with a block heel. Maybe that isn't a pump anymore.. I don't know, haven't found anything I like yet anyway.

I avoided most shopping and it wasn't that hard
I did buy a pair of TEVA sandals because my Birkenstok's weren't quite doing it for me. You can't get them wet so it was annoying to go the beach and cheap old navy sandals aren't very fun to walk for more the 10 minute.  So, I am bringing the 90's trend back minus the socks. :) They are the slip on type and they are magical.

At times it was hard to say no to all the summer sales but now I don't even remember what I wanted, it's just a habit and I need to stop it.

Less stuff is best stuff. LOL

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