My Second Week Back

This week did not start out as well. I figured it wasn't going to be rosy forever. :) We didn't have lunches ready, I was out Monday night and didn't see Maddox until Tuesday morning. :(And mornings are two hours of chaos and then time to go to the babysitters, so not much baby time.

It is amazing how not having a plan can really throw my week off. Anyone  reading this thinking 'what is the big deal, you don't need a plan.' does not have a full time job and/or family, enjoy it while it lasts. :) I absoultey need a plan it helps to time slot things you need to do, things you have to do. I try to plan as much as I can and it helps me to not get overwhemled. When I can prepare for something I am much happier and thus my family is much happier.

This week's lesson taught me that I probably won't be going out much during the week. My time with Maddox is precious, he is only so little for so long.

 I still require a social life. I say require because I think everyone needs it, you need to unwind with wine, vent to friends and enjoy not being needed and then as soon as you get home, love being needed. But that time refreshes me to be a better mom when I get home. I need it.

I am thinking about getting a cleaning lady, I am trying to fit everything in but, even when I was on maturity leave I found it hard to keep the house tidy and do regular cleanings, now that I am back at work it's the last thing I want to do but, I hate when I don't do it. The kitchen is a mess right now and it drives me crazy. The only reason I don't want one is because I feel like I should be able to do it however, we have so many committments this summer that I just don't want be anxious throughout them all because my house is a mess. It may not be forever but at least for the summer months.

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