My Favourite Part of the Day..........

early morning light in the window:

It's 5am, I can see the dim light start to unfold outside my window, and I am awakened by the soft sounds of my baby boy down the hall and the subtle sunlight coming into our room.

I follow the sound, he is always so happy to see me, his arms extending over his head desperately wanting me to pick him up. Without thought, he is in my arms.

He then points to the hallway, I walk into the hallway, he points to go our room, I go into our room, he points to our bed, and I go to our bed. I do whatever he commands. I lay him down between my husband and I. He turns his head towards me and says 'mama'. I know right now mama just means milk but no matter what, those two syllables spoken by your baby is wonderful. He begins to have his morning nurse and I begin to relax, for the next 20-30 minutes I get to watch, touch and feel my baby and being to transition into my day.  It. Is. Awesome. The house is so quiet, so tranquil, and I am so lucky to begin my day like this. I have never looked forward to the morning until him, until my beautiful perfect baby boy came into my life and has given me such happiness, such bliss.

After our quite moments together, Maddox then turns over and sees his dad. His dad is not quite awake yet or is but, is holding on to one more minute of sleep. But, as his little boy touches him with his sweet little hand, my husband with his eyes closed, will smile and say 'Hi Baby' and begins to slowly embrace the morning. 

The rest of the day can be pretty unreeling but, it doesn't matter much, because the next day begins like this so peaceful and special that I know for sure I am going to miss these moments of true content.

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