Things for Spring

Things for Spring

White trench coat
150 CAD - americanapparel.net

Glamorous pink blazer jacket
27 CAD - glamorous.com

WithChic pointy stiletto
54 CAD - withchic.com

I am so into the whole capsule wardrobe thing.
Blame it on being older (my 30th was in January, the more you see it the less it hurts ;)), being a mom or becoming more fashion conscious after viewing some Netflix documenary and my own research about 'fast fashion'. I feel when you have less in your closet you do wear more of it, it is less overwhelming to only look at a few things.
When I was on Maturity Leave I did a big purge of most of clothes that I hadn't wore in awhile or knew I wasn't going to because the club isn't my thang so much now that I have a little babe. So good bye to all the clingly little dresses that never fit and say hello to more structured pieces that will last and make me feel good as much as they look good. I couldn't do the full 'only keep what brings you joy' thing but I tried.
I think for spring I want to try and organize my closet so my kinda capusale wardrobe is in the front and the rest is in the back. After spring what I don't wear I may need to re-evaulate if it fits in my new, less stuffed life.
I am really into very classic colours, Damn you Kim Kardashian but, she knows what she is doing. So my colours are Nude, Blush, Army Green, Grey, Black and White

This is what I have
AE army pants and pink ones
blush tops
white tops
black tops
black skirts
Army green jacket
black leather jacket

This is what I need
Nude Pumps for sure they go with everything.
Sleeveless long blazer in any colour but army green
Thin long blazer coat

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