October Goals - Update

So I bet you are all wondering on how did with all of my goals last month. Well, here is my report card.

In case you missed it here is the original post, 

1.     Buy Only One Special Clothing Item – 

Report: I bought a couple things, not just one. Two pairs of new jeans, both levi's and I love them. 3pk of Calvin Klein underwear and I think that is it, I didn't too bad.

2.     Spend Less on Food 

Report: We have spending alot more on groceries but alot less on going out. My husband and I have started a new lifestyle change called Primial Blueprint, it's close to Paleo but emphasise on fruits and veggies, healthy fat and meat being something you eat but not the biggest thing on your plate. 

3.     No buying things for the house

Report: I actually didn't buy anything for the house but I am dying to tackle my picture ledge. I think this will be November's Project.

4.     Go to the Gym 3x a week
     Report: Ha! No, not even close! I think I may have worked out three times last month. I know, I need to figure something out. However, with this new diet I feel alot better and running around after baby all the time makes for a quick workout. 

5.     Spend at least one night a week with Hubby after Baby is asleep

Report: We have done this every Wednesday this month and has made me feel closer to him than I have in awhile. I think we will continue this. 

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