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This week has flewn by, Maddox has been sick with a cold and getting teeth, he has been pretty good considering.


1. I love the above mom's haircut RIGHT NOW, the mid-length bang she is rockin' is awesome. PS she is the owner of Solly Baby Wrap and here is the link to her home tour, it's lovely.
2. Not sure what it is but I love all things with the Hudson Bay stripes and I would love to see my little man rockin' this puffer next year. I mean it is just so cute and I could totally find him in a snowstorm.


1. Working up the courage to ask my husband to make one of these next year


1. These snack/lunch boxes are so pretty and inspiring and reminds me that I need to start eating like that, again.
2. Beet Fries are delcious. I made these this week when Maddie and I played hookie from work (he was sick) I paired them with Turkey Meatballs and Aoli, (Mayo with Garlic in it) I read somewhere that Garlic Aoli is just Aoli. This was a great meal.
3. Maddox has not been eating very well, he has become a snacker but not my choice I think it's due to him being sick and our new daycare routine of eating a snack and having a bottle while sitting in traffic trying to get home. I found this article about what a healthy diet for 18 month old should and he's doing ok.


1. A small article about Postive Displine that I can relate to and aspire to.


1. I worked out this week..... LOL
2. Lo Boworth Lauched a wellness line for women everywhere, the products are legit. Go Lo!

Have a great week end everyone!

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