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My fall/winter goal is to find and buy every single vintage Kaftan I can in preparation for next summer. I just love them and need more! I predict these will be one of the go to tops/dresses to wear next year for sure!!! Or at least for me, outside in my backyard, every, single, week end!! 

Here and here is some eye candy of the most prettiest ones I found this week.

Starbucks has unveiled a new drink that is suppose to blow Pumpkin Spice Latte out of it’s container!! :). It’s a called the Chile Mocha, made up of chocolate and spice and everything nice.  

It makes me think of, years ago, as a Christmas Promotion at a Spa I was going to offered a spicy hot chocolate as a treat to sip on during your appointment. I thought is was going to be store bought boring hot chocolate with chilli powder added but whatever I tried it. Anyway, when my esthetician brought it to me in an espresso sized cup, I wasn’t sure why they were so cheap, I mean you can buy that stuff by the tub, literally. I looked at it and saw it was thicker than I expected. The more I looked at it the more I could see that it was REAL melted  chocolate and I could smell the spicy-ness in it. It was magical velvet going down my thoart. I closed my eyes and savoured every, single sip. Every Christmas since, I still think about it and always say I will try and make it myself but never do.... Maybe this year.........

I am sure the Starbucks version will be comparable, or at least a little bit so I can day dream again about that small ouce of heaven I had many moons ago.

Fall is in the air and you know what that means, stews, I love all different types and can’t wait to try this one soon.

Family – 
Great Article posted on Mothermag.com (amazing blog/magazine btw) about how telling kids they can do anything isn’t good. Instead, you should teach them the three P’s; Practice, Patience and Perseverance . Here is the link.

Movement makes people happy, I mean if a skeptical professor from the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute can make a change to exercise to have better mood daily I think I can. Here is the link to the article.

Enjoy your week end everybody!

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