The 5 F's - Fashion, Fun, Food, Family and Fitness Aug 22-26

Picture from a Friday Family Fun Night!

This week has been dragging. Tonight though is Family Fun Night at my good friends. We all eat something fun like pizza, drink wine and play outside with the kids. I recommend doing this to anyone and everyone who has at least one kid and a friend who has at least one kid, the more the better.:)

It is a great way to socialize and relate to someone especically after a long week at work!!! Here is what I liked this week on the inter-webs.


I think Home Decor counts as Fashion, it is ever changing just like our clothes!

I can't get enough of hanging plants this week!! I am looking into hanging a kitchen plant that currently on the kitchen window sill. I just don't know if I want to hang it in a pot on a rod like this or have it a little more boho, the photos from here are amazing!! Hopefully I will decide soon.


Making some fall-ish pillow covers and this is a great tutorial!


Potting Training 101, this article is great. Thinking about starting soon and you know it involves the whole family to help out and be patient.


This and this are great toddler snack ideas!!! I never what to feed my son sometimes and I think the more variety the better.


Totally been doing three legged dog wrong, I always forget to close my hips and engage my lifted leg!!!

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