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Happy Friday!!!

This week while looking on my favourite blogs the following are what have stood out this week.


This Jumper  posted on the cupcakes and cashmere blog is amazing. As well, this  article on WHO WHAT WEAR says to trade in the a short romper for it's longer cousin, the jumper before your 30. I somewhat agree. Lately, I want to look more put to rather than 'hot'.

You gotta go to the club monaco website, they have the most amazing jumpers. I want at least three of them for next summer.


I am going to take Maddox to this Farm near our house. We are going to roam the fields and get some fresh fruit and veggies. I hope he is as excited as me. :)


I am constantly looking for articles about parenting. I like the ideas here  from mommy momment blog about raising internally motivated children.


To be honest I am lacking in the fitness department these days, I did take a yoga class this week, better than nothing. If I am doing anything it's yoga, right now I am working on perfecting my crow pose. I can probably hold it now for about 3-5 seconds, I want to get it up to 10 seconds before venturing into headstand and ultimatley handstand. I think in about 2 years I will be able to do it. It's all about control and trusting your body which I am working on. This is my plan on how to get there.


I don't cook much on the week ends but a love brunch and for Saturday I want to make me and hubby a halloumi sandwich inspired by the one at THE YETI which is the most amazing brunch place in KW by far. It's right across from the Kitchener Market so, grab your groceries for the week  walk on over.  Treat yourself to a sandwich and maple latte and paleo cookie for later. ;)

The sandwich needs to be made out of a fresh bun with a variety of greens, grilled halloumi, and maple glazed onions. OMG so excited.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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