Bathroom Tray Reveal

The space between your two sinks on your bathroom vanity is a go to place for  bathroom things. As you can see below I had a couple things there; a candle,  some perfume (which I opted to take out because I don't use it anyway), soap dispenser and two vintage ash trays, pink one is mine and the blue is for the hubs, clearly. We use the trays for our tooth brush heads or to put our rings/jewelery somewhere when we are showering.

I like the items but, the space was bothering me. It needed to be more defined. My bathroom is already pretty hard so I am drawn to a tray made of a more softer material like wood or more texture like wicker. I also needed a plant, succulent for sure that doesn't require much of anything but a little love every morning by me and Maddy. Here is my  inspiration board for the very 'mini makeover'.

Bathroom Tray Styling

I set out and got three trays, one wicker (no pictures, sorry they didn't turn out.) One wood, and one ceramic. Also, I was set out to get a succulent but then I found the tall shooter glass that said 'shine bright' which goes with the print behind that says 'rise and sparkle' that i had to have. I like the fake pink rose (thought I would never say that), it gives the space a little more height.

Anyway,  here is what the wooden one looked like;

And the cermaic tray (it's a serving plate.)

Ultimatley, I chose the white tray, even though it's pretty hard I think it goes well with the space. Something about it looking more spa like I guess.

What do you think? Would have chose the wooden one or neither?

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