My First Week Back

I am official a full time working mom!
This week has been a lot of things, emotionally and physically.
I have known about this date for awhile so, I tried not to fret about it and just go with the flow, which has worked, for the most part. :)

Things that have worked
Pre planning Maddox’s outfits and my own the night before–  it gives me more time to enjoy my morning rather than spending a bunch of time thinking about what to wear. 

Knowing what to make for dinner- I pick up Maddox from the babysitter so, J makes dinner. Either in the morning or the night before we discuss what to have. By the time I get home he is in the midst of cooking it or almost finished.  After dinner it’s J’s turn for baby time and I clean up. After I am done the three of play together for abit and then I start Maddox's bedtime routine. Right now he is just one so it consists of bath, boob, bed. I tried reading to him but he was not into it and felt like an idoit. However, he has shown more interest lately so I think I will start reading to him soon. I love his bedtime even more now because I don’t see him all day and I don’t think he would go down for Jay at this point, with all the changes going on, or at least that is what I tell myself. J

Things that have NOT worked
Feeding Maddox as soon as he gets up. We all get up and J takes him downstairs so I can shower and get myself ready. The babysitter gives him breakfast too but I don’t think he could wait till 8 to eat. Anyway Maddox doesn’t really eat much and is fussy when we are about to head out the door and today I figured it out because he wanted  up and pointed to the cupboard where I stash all his food. I gave him a cookie (healthy-ish) and he was happy for the rest of our time together.

Taking things personally- I already have a hard time with this before  Maddox and now I am super sensitive. I think every mom wants to be the perfect mom. But my perfect can look a lot different than someone elses. I had a meltdown because I kept forgetting to strap Maddox in his hi-chair and J kept reminding me. Anyway he said it again this week and I felt bad because I was more worried about cleaning my kid's mouth than strapping him into his seat. J wasn’t bashing me he just was looking out for Maddox which is the most important thing and not my feelings.

Things to try next week
Playpen in Kitchen? Maybe with a book or two in the morning when we are trying to eat and stuff, see how it goes, you can only try, right?
Start taking pictures of my pre planned outfits which I am quite proud of because when I already know what to wear it makes accessorizing easier and I just feel more put together when I put more thought into then looking in my closet in the morning and knowing I only have a certain amount of time to get it all done.

Cleaning- I haven’t gotten a schedule for this yet. Just before I went back to work my mom came over and helped me deep clean the house. I have kept it mostly but, I don’t want it to get bad so I would rather do it once a week and deep clean every  six months not sure if that is realistic though. Also I want to find a time during the week to do it because I want to keep my week ends free for fun and family not cleaning. I think if I keep it up I will be able to do it one week night quickly and maybe pick a week end once a month where I clean a little bit more. 

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