My First Attempt at a Photoshoot

This whole blogging thing is harder than it looks.
I have a decent camera so, last night I thought I would try to do some pictures of my outfit. I really liked the outfit but, then when I saw it in the pictures I am not sure anymore. LOL

I need to research A LOT about posing and camera angles. Scroll down and enjoy the laughs courtesy of:  ME. Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, than who can you laugh at? I mean this is just the beginning, hopefully I get better. :)

What is outside?

I need a closer look

Turn on the Lights! Doesn't do much for my face though. 

Side Angle Pose

I was trying to look glamourus, key word trying

This is when I discovered the Flash!

Now I can see that there is nothing interesting outside!

Need to Lift the Hand next time so it is not in the picture

Cute but, how do I get rid of the light reflection?

And I am done!

If anyone has some tips let me know!!

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