Baby J 2.0- First Trimester

10 weeks and already have a 'belly'

Christmas came early to our family this year, we found out in mid-November that we are expecting our second baby, 'Baby J 2.0'. My due date is mid August and we couldn't be happier to be to be having a (late) summer baby. When baby arrives my first born (Maddox) and baby will be about 28 months apart (almost 2.5 years).

How am I feeling?
Physically the last two months has been a struggle. I got the flu, twice, once on Boxing Day and again two weeks ago. Having the flu twice in less than one month while pregnant, not so fun. I have been quite lethargic, I just want to sleep and relax whenever I get the chance. However I am still taking care of a toddler but as my husband likes to point out I am leaving a much bigger trail of things behind... As in I haven't been the best at keeping up with daily chores. however i do feel better this week than I have in awhile probably because the second trimester is coming up!!! Thank goodness

Emotionally I am feeling a lot of things I didn't feel when I was pregnant with the first Baby J. I am moruning my son's baby-ness even though he is still a baby, I literally cry at every sad thing  I come across, a mom having breakfast with her son at a cafe, any commerical that involves family.
I feel quite nest-y this time, I just want to be at home puttering with my son and soak up every minute with him while I can before 2.0 arrives.

I had a great pregnancy with Maddox, he was born perfectly healthy and looking back I felt pretty good, just tired. I feel more tired this time because Maddox is still not sleeping through the night consistantly so that is quite draining.

Things I want to do Differently This Time

Take better care of myself mentally and physically- already started working with a nauropath
Pamper myself when I can, e.g massage, bath, facial
Sleep train next baby ASAP
Do not leave my house for 40 days after baby is born
Take care of me first and not worry about other ppl
Find out the gender
Figure out a routine and stick with it
Set boundaries with in-laws
Tell my husband these things so he knows what I am planning/expecting and what he thinks

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