The 5 F's -Fashion, Fun, Food, Family and Fitness Nov 4- Nov 11

Picture Via OH happy Day blog

1. Some easy hair inspo for the work week.
2. This was the most popular wedding dress style in 1986, the year I was born.
3. My 5 Fave Blog Outfits this week

1. Took this quiz to find out my home style and it's BOHO, no surprise their.
2. My 5 November Goals I posted earlier this week, hopefully I achieve them all, do you guys have any of the same? Different?
3. This Balloon installation (pictured above also) makes me super happy, balloons are def. having a moment right now.
4. This instragram photo gives me cabin fever so bad.

Still on the Keto Kick, These are my fave zoodle receipes I found this week,
1. Chicken Zoodle Soup,
2. Kung Pao Chicken Zoodles,
3. Spicy Thai Zoodles.

1. A post about going from one babe to two, puts some things into perpective as I sit here thinking about wanting/think we are ready to have another.

Starting to workout with husband, he will be the trainer I will be the trainee. More about it next week but this is what the just of my workouts will be,

air squats - okay
burpees - really, I hate these things
frog jumps - fine
split squat jumps - good but I am not the best at them
and sprints - Seriously?

Will post about more about this next week.

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