Gift Guide for the Bearded Hubby

I love my husband and I especially love him in the winter. He likes to grow out his beard a little for, you know, extra warmth. The more it grows the more you see all the different colours in his beard, the reds, browns and blonds. It's so nice to look at and rub your face against.

I am sure you all agree that a bearded man is the best kinda man.

Here are some gift ideas any hubby with a beard would enjoy.

Gift Guide for the Bearded Hubby

1. Natural Man Unscented Beard Oil - A soft beard is best beard. Your wife and children will    thank you

2. Roots - Hamilton Toque - I mean a beard just isn't a beard without the proper head         accessories
3. Phillips Multipurpose Kit- Depending on how you want your beard to look you may need to still trim the edges. I know my hubby likes to get under the neck a little to keep it looking 'clean;
5. Beard- The Art of Manliness Poster - Not sure what you want your beard to look like? Well there are many options to chose that will give you that extra edge
6. Algonquin Flannel Shirt - I mean a man with a beard, a toque and a fannel, it's only natural
7. Banff Travel Kit - They will need somewhere to put all their beard accessories and you now you don't want it in your travel tote.
8. Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Comb - To keep the beard looking great and to comb when they sit and ponder about the world.
9. Mens Rink Side Sock 2 Pack - Lastly, Cozy socks to stuff in their stocking.

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