Pregnancy: My First Naturopath Appt

I think all woman agree, no matter what, the first trimester is the hardest.

The things that are bothering me right now are;

- I feel like crap but you can't tell anyone or you aren't ready to tell anyone yet
- I am so tired, I am literally a zombie 4-6 days a week
- The only things appetizing is anything and everything that is a carbohydrate (the devil)
- Vegetables are gross
- Chicken, especially raw is unbearable to smell, look at, or eat
- Constipation to the max. I mean I have always had poop problems but, it's amplified when i am     pregnant

This time is especially grueling. Right now, I can't even go grocery shopping without feeling like I have to puke. It's terrible.

However I am near the end of the first trimester and that is usually when the crappness stops and the belly begins....

This time around  I decided I wanted to slowly work with a Naturopath to make this preganany alittle bit easier on my body. My last pregnancy was great but, I don't think I made the best food choices or took care of myself enough. I am hoping that meeting with someone on regular basis and being accountable might make me stay 'on track'.

 My first appt was on Monday and this is what was prescribed to me;

Eat a plant based diet-
More specifically, to ensure a stable blood flow each meal should have a complex carb, protein and healthy fat

Excercise for 20 min a day-
walking, weight at home or gym, yoga

Get Better Sleep
I love, LOVE to fall asleep to TV it's my time to relax. apparently it's the devil though I need to start trying to fall asleep without it

                     Basic Prenatal 3X a day
                     Prenatal DHA 3X a day
                     HMF Maternity Probiotic 1X a day
                     Vitamin D3 drops 2000 IU/ Day (two drops)

Drink at least 2L of water a day: I was really good at this pre-pregnancy and while pregnant with Maddox but, for some reason right now water is hard to swallow.... Ridiculous I know

Doesn't sound too hard does it???? To be continued :)


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