My Second Naturopath Appointment

If you haven't read my first post here it is.

So it has been three weeks since my first visit and I am feeling.... better-ish. I mean I am in my second trimester now so that is a factor, I have been eating a little better and getting a bit more sleep.  I don't feel amazing but do feel better-ish.  I think that is what stops people from going to the Naurotpath, there is no quick fix to feeling better, it a process and you have to actually do stuff, not just take a pill and hope for the best. :). I am open to than and know that I need to focus on the process rather than trying to change everything and burning out. I am thinking about this process as meeting with someone regularly who is making me accountable for my actions and I think it's working or going to.

Did I do everything my Dr. told me to do in my last post? Nope. Did I do some? For sure.

Here is a summary;

I took my supplements/vitamins regularly and I must say my poops are a lot better but on days where I don't drink enough water it's still a problem but, a problem that I know how to fix. I don't know what it is about water but pre-preggers I would chug 1L as soon as I got up. Now preggers, I can't even get half down without feeling nauseous. So I just have to try and drink small amounts throughout the day which is a struggle but one I am working on.... Now that I am writing about this I should stop and take a small chug.

Have I been eating better? Not all the time but I have def. changed my perspective and have been thinking about it more. I haven't had french fries in like two weeks and I am still functioning

Typical breakfast is avocado toast and then I make a protein smoothie to bring to work and drink it around 10 am which holds me till lunch. Lunch is scattered usually leftovers or I go out for Burrito. Dinner is always a meat with veg however week ends can be a bit scattered as well. So my diet is summed up right now as 'scattered'. LOL

I told my doctor this and she suggested for each meal think of your protein source first for every meal before the carb. This has shifted how I am thinking about my meals. trying to eat eggs in the morning even though they don't make me feel the greatest. Just thinking i could saute some beans and veggies to put on my toast in the morning for more protein.

Exercise, I haven't done much, such a struggle but i mean she is asking me to do 20 min. a day, you think I could find the time. I have to find the time, I mean I have an hour lunch I should just workout then. I just ordered this prenatal yoga DVD from Amazon as well so hopefully I can do that a couple times a week.

All my blood work came back fine expect B12 was low which is typical for this time of year so I bought a bottle to help boost my count.

My supplements are okay for now but will probably need some next visit.

I am really going to try to workout more to eat better and drink more water, damn it, that's a lot of things to do. Water this week and workout at least 2 a week and think of protein first then carb.

Maybe I need to do a weekly journal.......